Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zoya Focus & Flair Fall 2015

Hello friends!  This post is going to be pretty picture heavy.  I am going to show you both of Zoya's fall collections for 2015 all in one post.  As you can tell from the title of this blog post, the collection's are named Focus & Flair.  Names that fit them perfectly, in my opinion.  Focus contains 6 solid, strong & beautifully pigmented shades of polish.  Flair features 6 glamorous, metallic jewel toned polishes.  Don't take my word for it; take a look for yourself.


Aggie is from the Flair collection & zoya describes it as "gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter".  I used 3 coats of polish to achieve full opacity.  No top coat used.


Another polish from the Flair collection, Tris, is a metallic nickel.  I used 2 coats & no topcoat.


Charli is a polish from the Focus collection that I was surprised I fell in love with.  It is a taupe cream with a hint of green.  It applied beautifully in 2 coats.  No topcoat used.  I used Tris on my ring finger nail as accent.


Cinnamon, from the Flair collection, is a bronze/brown metallic polish.  I used 2 coats without a topcoat.


This dark chocolate brown is Desiree from the Focus collection.  I only needed 2 coats to reach full opacity & no topcoat.  My accent nail is Cinnamon from the Flair collection.


Ember, from the Flair collection, is a fiery metallic red polish.  I used 2 coats & no topcoat.


Another beauty from the Focus collection is Hannah.  Hannah is a classic bright red.  It applied perfectly in 2 coats.  No topcoat.  I used Ember for my accent nail.


This fantastic metallic blue is Estelle from the Flair collection.  I used 2 coats of polish to reach full opacity and no topcoat.


Ah, my favorite, Sia.  This is a marvelous royal blue cream polish from the Focus collection.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  On my accent nail, I used Estelle from the Flair collection.


Giada is a purple liquid metal from the Flair collection.  It applied flawlessly in 2 coats.  No topcoat was used.


Another beauty from the Focus collection is Lidia.  It is a lovely eggplant cream polish.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  On my accent nail is Giada from the Flair collection.


This is Janel from the Focus collection.  It is a deep red cream.  It's a few shades darker than the other red from the collection, Hannah.  It applied fully opaque in 2 coats. No topcoat used.

How do you feel about Zoya's fall collections this year?  I love them!  I really love the fact that almost all of the polishes have a complimentary color in the other collection.  Can I also just take a moment to praise Zoya for finally making a royal blue polish?! If you know me or have followed the blog for a while, you know royal blue polish is my weakness!

You can purchase your own Focus & Flair collection here for $9/bottle.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun Collection - Summer 2015

Hi all!  It's time for the other Summer collection from Zoya!  Their Paradise Sun Collection contains 6 new gorgeous shimmery shades!  Most of the colors coordinate with the other half of their Summer collection - Island Fun.  Which is awesome, especially if you want a simple accent nail.  Enough chatting, let's get to the good stuff!


Selene is green/teal with a metallic-pearl shimmer.  I used two coats & no topcoat.  The polish applied beautifully!


This shimmery magenta beauty is Mae.  I absolutely love this polish!  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  This polish applied perfectly as well.


Oceane is a metallic-pearl turquoise!  Application was a little sheer on the first coat, but it was fully opaque after 2 coats.  No topcoat used.


It's a tad bit harder to see the metallic shimmer in Aphrodite pictures; you can see it more in the bottle than on my nails.  This polish applied beautifully in 2 coats.  No topcoat.


Zoya describes Genesis as a "crystalline white" with a metallic pearl finish.  It is a gorgeous shimmery white!  I used 2 coats, no topcoat.


Isa is a deep blue-based purple!  I actually had to tweak my photos a little bit because outside in natural lighting, the polish looked royal blue in photos.  I used 2 coats of polish without a topcoat.  This one is another one of my favorites from the collection!

Yay!  You've seen them all!  After I finished swatching all the gorgeous polishes, I decided that I wanted to do a little nail art with them!  I did a simple 3 polish gradient.  I used Isa, Oceane & Mae.

So, what did you think?  I loved them!  Zoya never disappoints (in my opinion)!  Snag your own at for $9 a polish!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Zoya Island Fun

Happy Sunday! Apologies for being MIA for the past couple months on the blog.  A lot has been going on in the past two months; I graduated from a Respiratory Therapy program, took my state board exams and started a new job!  It's been a very exciting & stressful past few months.  I finally got around to swatching Zoya's Summer 2015 Island Fun Collection.  It is such an amazing collection!  It consists of 6 bright & beautiful creme polishes.


Talia is a beautifully opaque turquoise nail polish.  It took 2 coats to reach full opacity.  I didn't use a topcoat either; this polish is just that glossy on its own!


Zoya describes Demetria as a "vibrant poppy red".  It used 2 coats & no topcoat.  As you can tell from my accent nail, Demetria also stamps beautifully too!


Cecilia is a gorgeous teal polish!  I used two coats & no topcoat.  I didn't have any issues with staining, but Zoya advises using a basecoat with this polish since it is highly pigmented.


What a beautiful & vibrant purple!  I think this is one of my new favorite purples.  I used 2 coats and no top coat.


Zoya describes this next polish as a "modern tropical green".  I used 2 coats of Jace with no topcoat.


Nana is a deep fuchsia perfect for summer!  Can't you just imagine this gorgeous color on your toes?!  I used 2 coats without a topcoat.

So, what do you think?  I think Zoya knows the way to my heart!  Cremes are my favorite kind of polish!  They nailed it with this collection.  You can buy your own polishes from the Summer 2015 Island Fun Collection at for $9 a bottle!  Stay tuned for the second Summer 2015 collection!